Aerial view of Ramler Trucking shop and office building

"Ramler Trucking, Inc. has been in the family since 1954."



Our father, the late Ambrose Ramler, founded Ramler Trucking, Inc., in Albany, MN. He left his job as a mechanic and bought a single axle straight job ford.

In the early years, Ambrose provided transportation of farm animals from local farmers to the South St. Paul stockyards. On his return trip, he would backhaul feed products, hardware supplies, building products and liquor to the area merchants.

Jack and Doris Ramler enter the business.

Greg and Sue Ramler enter the business.

Ambrose retires and drives part time for Jack and Greg.

Ambrose Ramler passes away.
1999Front view of Ramler Trucking shop building on a sunny day
A spin-off company was established which we named Ramler Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. We operate out of a 27,000 square foot building with 22 service bays at 400 13th Street in Albany across from the water tower.
2008Robotic aluminum wheel polishing machine with four blue walls

We added a robotic aluminum wheel polishing machine. The machine is manufactured by Vehicle Inspection Serve or VIS. This machine can take an old oxidized and pitted wheel and give it a mirror-like shine. We then purchased another machine built by VIS that you drive a truck onto one axle at a time. We call it the 'shaker machine' because it moves an axle back and forth and then side to side while you can visually check for any loose components ending in a computer analysis print out. This has greatly reduced labor costs by cutting the time it takes to trouble shoot a problem.

2012Aerial view of the Ramler Trucking shop and a lot full of semi trailers

We purchased two adjoining lots with another 5000 sq. ft. building for expansion reasons. We employ 15 full-time mechanics, two parts salespersons as well as 3 part-time employees. Our mechanics can perform anything from engine overhauls, welding steel or aluminum, refrigerated trailer repairs, to tire repairs and heavy-duty alignment.

2015Ramler Trucking office team standing by the company sign on a sunny winter day

Jack Ramler Retires. Chris Ramler becomes VP and Greg Ramler becomes company President/COO.

PresentRamler Trucking office personnel posing in front of the company sign outside of the office on a sunny winter day

Ramler Trucking Inc. has now grown to:

  • 76 tractors, including 42 company
  • 34 Independent Drivers
  • 10 Contractors pulling our trailers
  • 115 refrigerated trailers
  • 50 regular flatbeds
  • 6 expandable flatbeds that stretch out to 80 feet
  • 15 tanker trailers

Ramler Trucking Inc. employs 12 office personnel and 36 drivers.