An birds eye view of our building

"We've been in business since 1954."


Ramler Trucking Inc.

We have grown to:

  • 76 tractors, including 42 company
  • 34 Independent Drivers
  • 10 Contractors pulling our trailers

Our trailers consist of:

  • 115 refrigerated trailers
  • 50 regular flatbeds
  • 6 expandable flatbeds that stretch out to 80 feet
  • 15 tanker trailers

Ramler Trucking Inc. employs:

  • 12 office personnel
  • 36 drivers

Ramler Truck and Trailer Repair Inc.

We operate out of a 27,000 square foot building with 22 service bays at 400 13th Street in Albany, across from the water tower.

We purchased two adjoining lots with another 5000 sq. ft. building for expansion reasons.

We employ:

  • 15 full-time mechanics
  • Two parts salespersons
  • 3 part-time employees

Our mechanics can perform anything from engine overhauls, welding steel or aluminum, refrigerated trailer repairs, to tire repairs and heavy-duty alignment.

In 2008 we added a Robotic aluminum wheel polishing machine. The machine is manufactured by Vehicle Inspection Serve or VIS. This machine can take an old oxidized and pitted wheel and give it a mirror-like shine.

We have since purchased another machine built by VIS that you drive a truck onto one axle at a time. We call it the 'shaker machine' because it moves an axle back and forth and then side to side while you can visually check for any loose components ending in a computer analysis print out. This has greatly reduced labor costs by cutting down on the time it takes to trouble shoot a problem.

Ramler Truck Brokerage Inc.

We also operate Ramler Truck Brokerage Inc. With this company, we can broker any additional loads to other carriers that our fleet is too busy to handle. Doing this, we can meet all of our customers’ needs.

ESOP (Employee Stock Option Purchase)

All three businesses are now employee owned or called an ESOP (Employee Stock Option Purchase).

The ESOP proves to be a great extra retirement benefit for our valued employees while still preserving the company’s heritage and longevity.